For immigrants

If you are an immigrant in Finland and need assistance with your studies or searching for a job, or if you would like to meet new people, you are welcome to join the activities of Paremmin Yhdessä! We offer various forms of support and activities for immigrants.

Kaksi ihmistä opiskelee

Study support

The ”learning together” group 

Are you tired of doing schoolwork alone? Do you have trouble understanding the requirements for an assignment? In the ”Learning Together” group, you can receive help with your school assignments and practice the Finnish language. 

The group is intended for adult learners and meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays from 15:00 to 17:00 at the office located at Matarankatu 6 A.

For more information, please refer to the calendar or contact Annika at 050 551 3337.

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Job search support

Training for certificates and cards

Do you need training for a passport/certificate or card to find a job? We organize hygiene passport tests and first aid training. Tests are conducted in simplified Finnish and other languages. First aid training is conducted in simplified Finnish.

For more information, contact Emmanuel via email at

Guidance for job seeking

Are you unemployed?

Työtä etsimässä (”searching for a job”) -program.

The program provides support in job hunting, including assistance with applications and CV writing.

Book an appointment by calling, sending a text message, or using WhatsApp.

Jutta: 050 411 7010 or Mohammad (KYT): 040 728 9013

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Friends and mentorship

Moulticultural Friendship program

Would you like to connect with Finnish individuals and engage in activities which interest you together? The multicultural friendship program is available for those aged 18-29.

Young adult groups

We organize groups where we spend time together, get to know each other, and engage in various activities based on the participants’ own preferences. Previous groups have included activities such as cooking together, board game gatherings, theater group, excursion group, and project group. The groups are intended for young adults aged 18-29, both Finns as well as those who have come alone to the country.

For more information, contact Kaisa via phone/WhatsApp 050 544 0043 or email at

Support family

If you are a young person who has arrived alone to the country, you can connect with a Finnish family which can act as your support group. With your ‘support family,’ you can spend time together and learn more about Finnish culture, engaging in everyday activities together, having dinner, participating in hobbies, going outdoors, and staying in touch.

For more information, contact Funlayo via phone/WhatsApp at 050 544 0079 or email at

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Digital support

Individual digital guidance by appointment

Book an appointment and come to practice handling your affairs independently on the internet. Together, we will practice using the specific services you need, such as healthcare services, employment services (TE-palvelut), Kela services (Social Insurance Institution of Finland), Migri services (Finnish Immigration Service), and banking services.

Digital groups

In these groups, we practice using various services (Kela, banks, etc.) through the internet. We organize beginner and advanced level groups.

Open digital meetings

Come to seek assistance or help others with challenges related to devices or digital services. You can receive guidance without an appointment!

To book an appointment or for more information, you can contact Emmanuel Sibomana  via email at

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Äiti-lapsi -ryhmän osallistujia kävelyllä

Support for hobbies

Welcome to use the map service for hobby and leisure locations in Jyväskylä. The map service has been created during the “Hyvinvoiva perhe” project by Paremmin Yhdessä ry.

The map service is built on the Google Maps platform and includes ten different categories. The categories feature swimming beaches, indoor sports facilities, outdoor sports facilities, museums, libraries, youth spaces, playgrounds, religious communities, as well as art and music venues in the Jyväskylä area.

You can access the map service through the link below:

Map service

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Help others as a volunteer!

Do you want to assist others as a volunteer? Paremmin Yhdessä welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to join our volunteer tasks. If you have other ideas or skills you would like to contribute, you can discuss them with Annika.

Is there something else you’d like to do?

We can figure out together what would be the best way for you to be part of our community!

Contact Annika via phone/WhatsApp 050 551 3337 or via email at

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